Evolve with the Forest





















  • “Jinen” spirit,
    it means natural life of Japanese Satoyama culture
    in which people and nature live together.


    A cocktail bar based on the theme
    Japanese forest "SATOYAMA"
    that NARISAWA has treasured.






















  • Reservation

    <Opening Hours>
    Tueday〜Saturday :17:00 ~ 26:00



    Sunday・Monday (Irregular holiday)
    ※Please see the detailed schedule below.



    <Inquiry ・Reservation >
    Tel 03-6459-2436(From 15:00 of opening days)
    Mail beesbar@narisawa.asia
    ※ You can make a reservation one week in advance.

    ※ Walk-In Guests are welcomed. Reservations not required.

    <Cancellation Policies>

    ・Please contact by phone call or email to cancel the reservation or change the reservation time.

    (Outside of work hours, please contact us through email)

    ・No-show policy- Your reservation will be automatically cancelled after 30 minutes if you have not arrived by then.



    <Private Party>
    Mail beesbar@narisawa.asia
    ※ Reservation can be made up to 10 days in advance.
    ※ Seating Max. 40 pax, Stand-up Max 60 pax
    ※ Please contact us for more details.

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